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What motivated me to write a novel?

        In my early years I was a prolific reader and harbored a rich imagination. My house was piled high with boxes of science fiction books. Did I have dreams of writing fiction? Yes, and for years I thought about it…and did nothing. You might have heard a similar story; pursuit of two college degrees, a stressful job, and a family to look after – I was too busy to write. It took the sudden death of my father to motivate me to write my novel.

        That first manuscript made many one-way trips to agent and publisher slush piles. Hundreds of postage dollars later, my manuscript was transferred to an old computer hard drive in the closet.  It sat there for years until one day technology offered me the chance to make my dream come true. Over lunch an author told me about ebook publishing and how easy it was. I was instantly hooked! That was in October. I refreshed my manuscript and hired a professional editor. Early the following March I published my first science fiction ebook. Within weeks I found myself on TV and the radio explaining how I did it. Later that summer, a TV producer convinced me to write a book on how I published my own ebook. The rest, as they say, is history.

        Now I have the opportunity to write both fiction and non-fiction, and to share with others what is possible if you have just a little bit of passion and perseverance.

Greg Lundberg is the author of the science fiction novel, “Metamorphosis”, published March 2011, available online from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and the iBookstore; and “How To Publish An Ebook For Under $350”, published March 2012, available online from Amazon. Both works can be purchased in ebook or trade cover format.