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Create a Media Kit for your website

Media KitLast year, I met with a Media Consultant and she coached me on how to create a Media Kit to obtain print, television, radio, and live interviews. We created a Media Resources page on the main website that mimics my Media Kit. In the wild and wooly world of “The Media,” Producers decide who and what gets onto a program. They are the gatekeepers and they are terribly busy. If your media kit isn’t short and pithy, and grab thier attention, then you don’t get a second look.  Your media kit should answer the following questions.

  1. Names & titles for speaking guests:
  2. Your company name, phone number & website:
  3. Topic of segment:
  4. Main talking points of segment:
  5. Concluding point(s):
  6. PR contact name, cell phone & email address:
  7. Cell phone number for guests in case of emergency:

Also include pictures of the author, book covers, and any other important art (that you may use during the segment) in various sizes and resolutions. You may also want to include video or audio clips that can be used during the segment or to advertise your appearance. This will allow program technicians to easily develop advertising, video banners, and other shots to be used during the segment. This does not only save labor but enourages the technicians to use the highest quality media and not just something they grabbed from the web. My media kit can be seen at http://authorgreglundberg.com/media.html.