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Promoting books at Comicon

Attended the 2012 Phoenix Comicon. Walked down “author alley” to see how the sci-fi and fantasy authors were doing selling paperback and hardcover books. Comicon is very “visual” with colorful artwork competing for your attention. Most of the authors merely had a booth with a name on the back wall and NO TRAFFIC. Unless you are a well known author, this is not going to be a very good venue. I included a picture of a typical booth and a booth with at least some artwork.


Ebook Tip #2 Free art or illustrations require a royalty-free license

Shutterstock imageKeeping things legal when publishing an ebook

TIP 2: Every piece of art, photography, illustrations, graphs, and charts in your ebook need a royalty-free license or some sort of written permission from the creator unless you create it from scratch. Do not open yourself up to liability by using someone else’s work without permission.

– Greg Lundberg, Quicksilver Books, “How To Publish An Ebook For Under $350,” March 2012.

Flying the Phoenix Class Bravo “Circuit”

Me standing next to a Cirrus SR-22

After returning from the “mission”

The weekend after I was officially signed off to fly Cirrus SR-22’s and SR-20’s, Evan and I flew the Phoenix Class Bravo  “Circuit,” meaning that we flew touch-and-goes at all of the towered airports under the class bravo airspace except for Sky Harbor. We took off in Evan’s Cherokee Six based out of Falcon Field and did a full stop at Scottsdale Airpark, switched to my rental SR-22 and flew a clockwise pattern around the valley performing touch-and-goes at Falcon Field, Williams Gateway (man those runways are HUGE), Chandler, Goodyear, Glendale, Deer Valley, and finally ending back up at Scottsdale. Clocked in 1.8 hours on the Hobbs. Then we took Evan’s plane back to Falcon. It was a very technically challenging flight. Next time we do it in Evan’s plane. I recommed all pilots in the area perform this yearly. GREAT FUN!!!

Ebook Tip #1 Keep a separate folder with a copy of all the latest artwork and images

Shutterstock imageFormatting tips for preparing  your MS Word document for conversion to an epub.

Tip 1: Save yourself some headaches and keep a separate folder with a copy of all the latest artwork and images, for both the front and rear cover and all images internal to the document. It’s really easy to lose track of different versions and file locations. Later, if an image needs to be modified or the resolution changed, you can easily find the right file. Name the file the same as the image used in the epub.

– Greg Lundberg, Quicksilver Books, “How To Publish An Ebook For Under $350,” March 2012.

Amazon Create Space provides an alternate to Ereaders

BookcoverToday I activated my new book, How To Publish An Ebook For Under $350, on Amazon’s Create Space. Why would you ask would anyone want to purchase a hard copy of the book if the intended topic was ebook publishing? The are a couple of things to consider for a “How To” book that is designed to be sold as both a stand-alone primer and as a text book in a classroom setting. One, some people don’t have ereaders. Two, some of the HTML code text in the hard copy is turned 90 degrees to eliminate line-wrapping which can be annoying in the epub version. Three, it was free so why not provide an alternative media for my readers to enjoy. I did the same thing for my ebook, Metamorphosis, and to date, twenty percent of my sales are paperback.