Author Interview on BlogTalkRadio

KWOD Radio LogoI will be interviewed on KWOD Radio on Friday, October 12, 2012. The topic will be my Sci-Fi book, METAMORPHOSIS. I am looking forward to being on the radio again.


The Changing Face of Publishing

Patti HultstrandPatti Hultstrand

Tips from a professional, senior graphic designer, book publisher and marketing entrepreneur about everything regarding publishing. Patti hosts many up and coming authors, publicists, other publishers, and others who know about this publishing industry. Check out her blog at

What motivated me to write a novel?

        In my early years I was a prolific reader and harbored a rich imagination. My house was piled high with boxes of science fiction books. Did I have dreams of writing fiction? Yes, and for years I thought about it…and did nothing. You might have heard a similar story; pursuit of two college degrees, a stressful job, and a family to look after – I was too busy to write. It took the sudden death of my father to motivate me to write my novel.

        That first manuscript made many one-way trips to agent and publisher slush piles. Hundreds of postage dollars later, my manuscript was transferred to an old computer hard drive in the closet.  It sat there for years until one day technology offered me the chance to make my dream come true. Over lunch an author told me about ebook publishing and how easy it was. I was instantly hooked! That was in October. I refreshed my manuscript and hired a professional editor. Early the following March I published my first science fiction ebook. Within weeks I found myself on TV and the radio explaining how I did it. Later that summer, a TV producer convinced me to write a book on how I published my own ebook. The rest, as they say, is history.

        Now I have the opportunity to write both fiction and non-fiction, and to share with others what is possible if you have just a little bit of passion and perseverance.

Greg Lundberg is the author of the science fiction novel, “Metamorphosis”, published March 2011, available online from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and the iBookstore; and “How To Publish An Ebook For Under $350”, published March 2012, available online from Amazon. Both works can be purchased in ebook or trade cover format.

Ebook Tip #5 Make as many changes as you can in the MS Word document rather than the EPUB

Test the EPUB in Adobe Digital Editions, Calibre, Nook, and any other Ereader but go back to the MS Word document to make changes

Tip 5: Immediately after EPUB conversion, test the EPUB in Adobe Digital Editions, Calibre, Nook, and any other available Ereader. Make note of the errors and go back to the MS Word document to make as many changes there as possible. Then re-upload the doc and make a new EPUB. Do this several times until you can no longer fix errors. At this step it is much easier to make changes in the MS Word document than in the EPUB. Although not all format errors can be fixed in this step, it will certainly save valuable time. Make careful notes of what you cannot fix before moving on.

– Greg Lundberg, Quicksilver Books, “How To Publish An Ebook For Under $350,” March 2012.

Ebook Tip #4 The EPUB format requires UTF-8 (unicode) encoding

MS Word MenuWhen converting your MS Word document, this is an often overlooked detail

Tip 4:  The EPUB format requires UTF-8 (unicode) encoding; therefore, you must set the encoding to UTF-8 before saving your work as a filtered HTML document. To do that, click on the menu items in the following order:

 1.    Microsoft Office Word 2007 and 2010: Office Button > Word Options > Advanced > General > Web Options> Encoding > Unicode (UTF-8).

2.    Microsoft Office Word 2003: Tools > Options > General > Web Options > Encoding > Unicode (UTF-8).

– Greg Lundberg, Quicksilver Books, “How To Publish An Ebook For Under $350,” March 2012.

Create a Media Kit for your website

Media KitLast year, I met with a Media Consultant and she coached me on how to create a Media Kit to obtain print, television, radio, and live interviews. We created a Media Resources page on the main website that mimics my Media Kit. In the wild and wooly world of “The Media,” Producers decide who and what gets onto a program. They are the gatekeepers and they are terribly busy. If your media kit isn’t short and pithy, and grab thier attention, then you don’t get a second look.  Your media kit should answer the following questions.

  1. Names & titles for speaking guests:
  2. Your company name, phone number & website:
  3. Topic of segment:
  4. Main talking points of segment:
  5. Concluding point(s):
  6. PR contact name, cell phone & email address:
  7. Cell phone number for guests in case of emergency:

Also include pictures of the author, book covers, and any other important art (that you may use during the segment) in various sizes and resolutions. You may also want to include video or audio clips that can be used during the segment or to advertise your appearance. This will allow program technicians to easily develop advertising, video banners, and other shots to be used during the segment. This does not only save labor but enourages the technicians to use the highest quality media and not just something they grabbed from the web. My media kit can be seen at

Ebook Tip #3 Create an Author Website before posting your Epub file

Example author's websitePlanning ahead saves time

TIP 3: If you intend to embed your author’s website URL in the ebook, create an Author’s Website or Blog first. At the very least, get it running with minimum content. This might seem “elementary my dear Watson,” but many first time author-publishers will think of the website long after the Epub has been published. Plus you will want to test that link before finalizing the Epub. If it is a second or third book, an author usually has a website or blog in place. Planning ahead just a little bit will save valuable time and effort down the road and help ensure a quality product for your reader.

– Greg Lundberg, Quicksilver Books, “How To Publish An Ebook For Under $350,” March 2012.

Promoting books at Comicon

Attended the 2012 Phoenix Comicon. Walked down “author alley” to see how the sci-fi and fantasy authors were doing selling paperback and hardcover books. Comicon is very “visual” with colorful artwork competing for your attention. Most of the authors merely had a booth with a name on the back wall and NO TRAFFIC. Unless you are a well known author, this is not going to be a very good venue. I included a picture of a typical booth and a booth with at least some artwork.

Ebook Tip #2 Free art or illustrations require a royalty-free license

Shutterstock imageKeeping things legal when publishing an ebook

TIP 2: Every piece of art, photography, illustrations, graphs, and charts in your ebook need a royalty-free license or some sort of written permission from the creator unless you create it from scratch. Do not open yourself up to liability by using someone else’s work without permission.

– Greg Lundberg, Quicksilver Books, “How To Publish An Ebook For Under $350,” March 2012.

Flying the Phoenix Class Bravo “Circuit”

Me standing next to a Cirrus SR-22

After returning from the “mission”

The weekend after I was officially signed off to fly Cirrus SR-22’s and SR-20’s, Evan and I flew the Phoenix Class Bravo  “Circuit,” meaning that we flew touch-and-goes at all of the towered airports under the class bravo airspace except for Sky Harbor. We took off in Evan’s Cherokee Six based out of Falcon Field and did a full stop at Scottsdale Airpark, switched to my rental SR-22 and flew a clockwise pattern around the valley performing touch-and-goes at Falcon Field, Williams Gateway (man those runways are HUGE), Chandler, Goodyear, Glendale, Deer Valley, and finally ending back up at Scottsdale. Clocked in 1.8 hours on the Hobbs. Then we took Evan’s plane back to Falcon. It was a very technically challenging flight. Next time we do it in Evan’s plane. I recommed all pilots in the area perform this yearly. GREAT FUN!!!